Friday, 6 November 2009

Team Work.

well i've been so busy this past couple of months and with a couple of really big jobs which is fantastic but i have been rather inactive.
I'm starting to truly understand the value of different types of people in life, I've tried to strike up so many partnerships, search out people to help me promote my work and when i least expected it I became friends with a singer I photographed. We are now very good friends and she has the most amazing skills I don't, I think the kind of skill most photographers don't have.
I have never known anyone who can blag, elaborate, speak to people and sell an idea so well, I;m not saying she;s a bullshitter because she's not but she's just great at selling a good product and organising things and getting things done, 

I can't even tell you how much better the two things I'm running with her are going and how much quicker than anything i've started by myself or with others,

I don't think you can find these people easily as they have to be on your wavelength and share similar ideas for where the business is going and you have to be able to manage handling each others points that frustrate you but are part of that person and make them good at what they are doing, 

I always undervalue my work, and am hiddeously unorganised, I'm sure that secretly that drives her insane but without that i wouldn't be so creative and have so many ideas and whilst her organisation probably does the same I NEED that to keep me in line.

So many creative people are either bad but great sales people or great creatives and bad sales people and to share the load just makes all the difference, it's not like i didn't know this before but now I truly value it!

Friday, 21 August 2009

The travelling Bug

I moved to london just over 3 years ago and put my whole life on hold to start off my career as a photographer
are the current fruits of my labour

To get to where I am now, still a long way from where i want to be i sacrificed clothes, makeup, relationships, going out, life
i think i lost 3 years of my early 20's soley to work and stress of moving to london but it was worth it, everyone starting up there own business without a ton of money behind them has this, I couldn't do it again but I'm glad i've done it and each year gets easier, 
this is the first summer i havn't sat behind my computer screen the WHOLE time and i've been off enjoying myself as well as working hard, going on dates, hanging with friends and holidaying, well not yet but i have so many friends all over the world this is the year i'm running off to visit them all, 
I have a friend in Paris and Amsterdam and a friend of a friend in New York which are all coming up over the next few months, not only is it fab because I only have to pay for flights but you get to see the bits that normal people don't see, taken to the places for residents not tourists, especially new york as my friends friend has so many connections out there so me and my friend will get to see some amazing parties etc.
I'm also off skiing this year in january and i'm so excited havn't skied since uni and it's my favourtie thing

but I guess by the travelling bug I also kind of meant I'm getting itchy feet about living space now, I think London has started to feel comfortable, and i don't handle 'comfortable' very well, 
I have this desire to try out a different country for a bit , but I don't know if i could leave my family...i'm an only  child and the friends i've now made in london but i don't see me being here forever, certainly not in the sooty city.


I recently photographed my friends wedding in Greece, it was beautiful, 
they were child hood sweethearts,
I'm not the kind of person to publicly cry but lately I even cried at Marley and Me (so I must be getting softer) but that bought a tear to my eye.
It was the most beautiful wedding i've ever been to
25 close family and friends in a remote chalet on a greek island, with only us guys practically in the whole chalet. The ceremony itself was just a tiny walk from the door of her chalet ...about a yard and was where we had been hanging out the night before drinking ouzo melon, the whole 5 days we were out there was spent sauntering only as far as the beach about 3 yards away and back to the loungers.

Normally i'm not a doing nothing kind of girl, i always like to be doing stuff, be it skiing, walking round seeing things etc but sometimes it's great for 5 days just to do NOTHING
it felt amazing. The day of the ceremony was pretty scary though, I normally take an assistant on weddings but obviously being in greece i couldn't. And my friend is one of the nicest people i've ever met, the kind of girl that if every photo came out black would have just said 'oh crap, nevermind we'll take some portraits' I love those kind of people, the kind of people who realise however frustrating the things that have been done in the past, are in the past and how ever much you whinge on about it nothing will change you just wasted 2 days of your life whinging about something you can't change, 
I learn from these people, 
but anyway I was a bit stressed weddings are stressful and your friends wedding....even more som but there were some beautiful pics, I can't log into photobucket for some reason else i'd share a few outtakes, i can't put any of her up as despite being a model she's a very private person and would hate to see pics of her in her wedding outfit online although just a couple will feature on soon!

I will come back when i find a way to put up pics and put some up here.
It made me want to get married, so come on potential husbands, where are you??!!!???
It also made me think about the role of marriage today, I think now more than ever it's so important, more as a financial security for women than anything. I think it shows you are at a level in your relationship were you are willing to share everything you have together which, is important. So many relationships fail these days, and i see so many women give everything up when they find a man they love only to end up single for one reason or another a few years down the line rgretting it, 
now I'm not one of those kind of girls...maybe why im not married yet!! career will never be put on hold until I decide to start a family, i mean I'll always work, i'll always strive to be better but there will come a time when you have to put your work on hold a little if you have a family and I honestly think if your going to do this you need the security of marriage, not because i'm a gold digger i just think thats a decision made together and a financial decision that should be shared...just my two peneth!!

Monday, 9 March 2009


confidence is a wierd thing, i worked as a model and looking back those are the years of my life i had the least, when you are in the normal world it's much easier but everyone thinks as a model you are being paid for your looks so you are confident to the point of arrogance, the truth is very different, 
you are being cast off and told no on a daily basis at castings based soley on your looks, you are surrounded by the beautifully and skinny elite, you are all undressing at catwalks infront of each other and thinking everyone else has what you have and why the hell are you there, you view photos of yourself and can see EVERY flaw at big scale, it just really was the time in my life when i had 0 confidence and now im not doing it anymore im so much happier, still no regrets for that time taught me a lot, and made me the person i am, but i definitely would worry if i had family who wished to pursue it truly professionally. i think it's a soul destroying industry in general and i dont know many professsional models who are truly really happy and for the ones who do really well are a lot of struggling ones but there are some good examples out there im sure.

ok enough of my whingeing i always whine on my blogs i can't help it, i am a happy person, maybe thats why i feel the need to let off steam on a blog hardly anyone reads! 

this is like my random thoughts page

Thursday, 5 March 2009

has the media world gone mad?

i keep seeing this front picture of 'LOVE' everywhere, the front cover of the new glossy promoting an obese female singer on the front, 
now I'm not having a go at beth dito, she's whatever size she wants to be some people like it some on't and thats cool, but if they are somehow trying to promote anti size zero with this what are they thinking?
replacing one extremely unhealthy weight problem with another?
I"m a phtotographer, thin looks good on camer for fashion because it's about the clothes and about them hanging right, thats just how fashion has always been, it was never suggested that anyone could be a fashion model, it's a model's responsibility to safely look after her figure by eating sensibly and exercising, the old supermodels had fantastic genetics and restraint and kept perfect bodies that didn't look emaciated or unhealthy, i.e gisele and naomi, i too am totally against this skeletal look and i don't really have models in my book with this look, i like to think i shoot healthy girls, 
so im all for promoting the anti skeletal look, but replacing it with saying obesity is ok? are we mad, it's probably even more harmful than being too thin, why is it so frowned on to kill yourself being too thin, but cool and not to be talked about if you are killing yourself being overweight, 
im not having a go at these people at all just the people glamourising it in the same way size 0 was glamourised only a year ago, 
please just healthy slim people surely should be in magazines, if you want a feature on beth dito thats cool and maybe im ranting for no reason and thats all it's meant to be but if it's some kind of size 0 retaliation then i really think it is just plain rediculous to replace it with something possibly more unhealthy.!!
rant over.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

long time

it's been a long while since I updated this, whats new, 
well i've been really busy, and now i have a ton of editing to catch up on, it's been christmas, my birthday and busy times with work so i now have a massive backlog of unopened and unanswered emails, photos to edit and accounts and receipts to sort, 
when you are self employed it's hard you are your own everything, unless you are succesful enough to have 'staff' that is, 
but i shouldn't complain at least im getting lots of work and some great contact opportunities comming up to.

submissions, im also planning a few personal ideas around food this month with something i've always had a little ambition to do more on that later, and i have a nutritionalist working on something with me, 
ive not eaten wheat or dairy for 6 years and in a less black and white way the recipe book will be somewhat inspired by the lifestyle i have led.

I also got my wedding site up and long last
be great to hear some opinions although i have a ton more recent shots that need to be put up so don't be too harsh.

apart from that been doing some travelling too, just got back from a hair shoot in zurich and off to photograph a wedding in zackinthos in june so thats all good fun, i have always wanted to travel but really put all my money into my business so it's nice that I am finally getting to travel a little and experience different places, culture and gain inspirations.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

home sweet home.

Going home, it always conjures up a lot of different feelings for me, and this time was no different,
I originate from derby, a small town in the middle of england, when i go home, im inspired,
there are rivers, grass, trees, streets that you can actually see without a full row of cars on everyone,
but it's boring,
or is it?
everyother time i thought so, but this time it's different.
I'm not ready yet, but one day i see myself being content living in that kind of place. Is london forever? i don't know, i question it all the time.
Im starting to make some lovely friends here, I have very few elsewhere now, i think i'd be scared to leave, as scary as it was to leave for here,
but i don't know times change, people change, things change, i guess i have to say i'll see.

One week in at college and im loving it, the thought of starting to make videos is amazing and im also enjoying the extra photography workshops i've taken on, im actually LEARNING what im doing, as being self taught there are some basic things i think it's essential i am now learning.

some exciting news also,
my mum is taking up photography,
she was talkinga botu needing a hobby on her approach to 60, she is getting bored i think her working hours are getting less and less
my parents travel quite a bit and i actually have persuaded her to do some landscape photography for stock sites,
so we will see how that goes!

before i left london to derby for my mums birthday i went on a date, to the rather amazing restaurant 'artisan',
well what a place, i think it's the best meal in terms of 'quirkiness' i've ever had,
really was an art form, i want to upload the pics off my phone and tell u more next blog as it really was spectacular, the guy however wasn't,. ok thats harsh, what imeant was my feelings for him wern't he was infact lovely.
the kind of guy i SHOULD like, the guy who would treat you like a princess, and from the outside has it all, a nice attitude, loads of money, a great interesting job, an interesting person but there was no spark....the search continues.

ok so im busy and behind and finding this hard to keep up with but ill try to update when i can.
sorry this one is very disjointed but i wanted to type before i forgot!