Thursday, 9 October 2008

is blood thicker than water?

i just ended a two day stay from my parents, and it makes me wonder what it is that makes us so close to our families, what makes us willing to lay ourselves down and die for someone else?

My dad and I don't really get on, we do love each other he would do the world for me, and secretly we love each other a lot but we argue, always, we are just polar opposites but also too similar, our ideas are different but we are both stubborn, and wont back down, or drop an issue, a lethal combination and my mum is just an angel who sits on the side and watches us fight frustratedly,

the truth we do love each other, but if we wern't family we would probably hate each other, what makes that bond so strong? and it makes me question, i want to adopt children, always have, im not saying i wont have one of my own as well but i've always wanted to adopt, and i know i will love that child as mine, suggesting it's not just a blood bond, maybe just the fact you have bought someone up as your own is enough to have that unconditional love for someone that nothing can shake.

I hate it, we get on for a bit then argue right before i leave or they leave, so leaving always has that tinge of sadness knowing you still have something to repair on the phone the next day, i think me and my dad have different ideas about everything but similar personality traits and stubbornous, making an argumentative combination!

While they were here i wen to the saatchi gallery, which, incidently was amazing, will post up some shots, but then went to tate modern.

this was awful,there was the old masters which ive seen 2 years ago, and then the new stuff, which was awful, the problem is shock tactics no longer work, they have been done to death and there is nothing left to shock, i found myself dismayed going in to a 'sexualy explicit' works to wath a guy sitting on a bed squeezing ketchup on a bed and rubbing his face in it, i mean what?
it's not even shocking anymore, just crap,
and all this square of red canvas, its been DONE, ok the first time, still no talent but i can see how it was a bit novel but it just isn't the same repeating it in red, then a square of grey a line of black, come on already, we can all draw a line down a page then afterwards go into the physcological archives to pull out some reason why we did it AFTER the event. I think artists 'sometimes' draw something then realise they have to back it up and find something after, this isn't art it's phylosophy, just my view ill be slated i know!!


mum and dad


me and mum

P.S REALLY hope i look like my parents at 60, i sometimes think stress makes me look older than them already!!

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