Tuesday, 7 October 2008

is there still a place for quality?

In todays ever commercialising society, it seems that there are so many people out there who are interested in paying the least they can for a service, no longer do people get quotes and weight up what they are getting, people find the cheapest, go with it, then regret it and spend again,

ok so i;m not the best photographer yet, i'm under no pretences, but i put a lot into my work and give out a product which i feel is pretty decent value for money, today i went to an meeting about someone who is setting up and forwarding on shoots to freelance photographers,

fair enough i could always use more bookings and i don't mind giving comission to another body to find me people, but i drive 40 minutes to the outskirts of london, leaving my car on a street i feel worried about leaving it on for the duration of the meeting to find, they are offering photoshoots to people for £49, 100 shots unairbrushed, are these people jokers? and people will work for it and people will buy them, the people working for it will be pissed off, their pictures arn't airbrushed, so 90% of people wont be happy using them for modelling, the photographers will be secretly pissed off at working so cheap so will do the easiest job they can.
They asked me to take shots in an indoor boardroom of a guy doing a presentation 'by means of a test to shoot models' and then to really rub salt in the wounds hand me a sheet of inspirational pics, with MY pictures on, which were never asked for in my photographers pack!!
So basically they are advertising non airbrushed photographs WITH airbrushed photographs, CON!
I made it very clear if i ever saw one of my pictures on their £49 advertising, I would be taking the case much further,
Please any photographers reading this, do not sell yourselves so cheap unless you are just starting out and it's practice that's different but everyone needs to get some sense of perspective here, photography is a skill as is airbrushing when you get to a decent standard, hold your ground, we didn't study this and work for free for however long to get that kind of cash.....

OK rant over!! :)))


Priya Sonn said...

Lol u didnt mention to me that they were using ur pictures as inspiration pictures.... LOL how rude......

Cecilie Harris said...

out of order, would have had a similar rant too! lol

sarah Louise said...

well i don't really mind being used as inspiration thats kind of flattering but i think using fully retouched pics as inspiration and examples is kind of out of order when thats not what they are offering,