Tuesday, 28 October 2008

the stress of city living.

im so stressed out at the moment, have so much to edit i don't know where to start which, makes it worse as i sit at my computer procrastinating for ages and NOT editing, so it's not even going down!!
i also have so many dates to put in the diary, emails to respond to, things to do with london living like renewing my resident permit before i start getting clamped outside my own house! london makes things so hard for you ,

i LOVE to hate this city,

on a positive went to a wicked comedy night last night and just got accepted to study two days a week at a london institute for video production and a few photography modules:)


Joanna B said...

i feel your pain!
i'm soo bad at actually doing my work. i can easily spend hours looking at random crap online.
congrats on the scholarship! i'd love to learn about video production

Priya Sonn said...

Lol... u crack me up...

I saw your comment.. ive actually snow started to write in my blogs.. woop woop.

Call me wen ur bk from derby... have a good break