Monday, 27 October 2008

update for nothing.

s aYesterday i took a day off from my enormous mound of editing and went to some galleries with a friend and it was really good, we went from frivilous silly chat about things im not going to go into on here to discussing the theories of plato and other philosophers, i love talking to knowledgable well read but fun people as im like a sponge i absorb a lot of what people say and it works both ways i can absorb a lot of mindless crap too! so the more relevant stuff i hear the better.
it was nice to actually have a conversation that challenged something for a change as in my job it's too easy to get to know people on a base level and never reach anything else as you meet people for days here and there. in fact thats london really, or settling into london anyway.

but yes it was great and we both did a poetry recital thats going to be featured in the william blake exhibition, i don't know how or why we volunteered for that, but it seemed a fun idea at the time.

im soooooo behind on work but having to take on more as i need the cash but still massively behind on editing, been unmotivated to start it and i think i give out too much.
but i will catch up somehow, off to see a magician/comedy evening this evening seriously trying to get on with the editing but now im blogging arghhhhhh
oh and wish me luck as i have an interview to discuss a possible scholarship in video editing (part time) in the morning. :/

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