Saturday, 25 October 2008


i've been wanting to get into wedding photography for a long time now, so i finally organised a bridal test shoot, was really good fun VERY hard to make the couple look like a couple who had been in love for nearly impossible but with some frustration and careful editing and selecting i think i made it look reasonably authentic! decide for yourself!

It's wierd that whole family/marriage/kids/ lifestyle still seems a million miles away, as far away as it did when i was 12, as now im in my mid twenties. I think it's something London distracts you from as it's certainly far from the front of my mind right now, ha scouring London for a decent man is hard enough! couple of interesting meetings and dates lined up though, again ill tell you more about that one depending how it goes, plus i have to be a little secretive about it at the moment anyway. What i thought was funny is the dating world of the self employed individual when you both have to check your diary to see when you can meet up and realise it'll be a week away!! lol.

here are some pics from the wedding shoot.


im planning a murder mystery party on friday for a few friends, im quite looking forward to that, i have some really ghoulish recipies from sainsbury's to con someone into helping me make (thats my secret i actually enjoy and am quite good at baking, now ive said that these will be awful! if they arn't ill take some pics as they are exciting recipies! like mirangue ghosts with chocolate drop eyes and swamp monster jelly just hope they dont look like white poos and noel edwards gunk machine!
and then it's a friends birthday at the weekend, i had to decline nobu due to lack of funds to spend on such delights but im up for some cocktail supping at china's or another such venue seen as she works at paper i know ill be looked after :))
. it's a friend who is quite new but has been going through a bad time lately and at a similar time to me, so we have become close quite quickly and i really want her to have a great time as i know she really needs it right now.

what are my 4 solitary followers doing for halloween? lol.

Also comming up i am about to start a video production course as videoing is something i have ALWAYS wanted to have a go at and i've possibly been offered a part time scholarship for a few evenings a week so i'm keen to get involved if it all goes ahead.

bye for now.xxxxxxxxx


Joanna B said...

these wedding shots are gorgeous!
i think they look authentic. monika makes a beautiful bride!!
i really want to get into wedding photography too - been trying to find someone to assist or just observe but no one replies to my e-mails =(

sarah Louise said...

i think assisting is a waste of time, i did it twice and they made me give over all the photos so i still had nothing for my book, if u do assist ensure u are allowed to keep at least a few for promotion.
people want to see examples faked or not, and i think test shoots let u get an idea of what to expect anyway.

If u get any weddings im happy to pair up with u, i already have a friend im looking to share some weddings with as i think it's a great way to get started 2 of u gives u a bit of a safety net.

Joanna B said...

that would be great! likewise, if you ever need anyone to help you out I'd be happy to come along.
its just difficult getting started when you've never done a wedding before, its hard to get someone to book you.
is it priya you're doing it with?

Tuffer said...

very nice. She almost looks too pretty to be a real bride :)