Tuesday, 11 November 2008

home sweet home.

Going home, it always conjures up a lot of different feelings for me, and this time was no different,
I originate from derby, a small town in the middle of england, when i go home, im inspired,
there are rivers, grass, trees, streets that you can actually see without a full row of cars on everyone,
but it's boring,
or is it?
everyother time i thought so, but this time it's different.
I'm not ready yet, but one day i see myself being content living in that kind of place. Is london forever? i don't know, i question it all the time.
Im starting to make some lovely friends here, I have very few elsewhere now, i think i'd be scared to leave, as scary as it was to leave for here,
but i don't know times change, people change, things change, i guess i have to say i'll see.

One week in at college and im loving it, the thought of starting to make videos is amazing and im also enjoying the extra photography workshops i've taken on, im actually LEARNING what im doing, as being self taught there are some basic things i think it's essential i am now learning.

some exciting news also,
my mum is taking up photography,
she was talkinga botu needing a hobby on her approach to 60, she is getting bored i think her working hours are getting less and less
my parents travel quite a bit and i actually have persuaded her to do some landscape photography for stock sites,
so we will see how that goes!

before i left london to derby for my mums birthday i went on a date, to the rather amazing restaurant 'artisan',
well what a place, i think it's the best meal in terms of 'quirkiness' i've ever had,
really was an art form, i want to upload the pics off my phone and tell u more next blog as it really was spectacular, the guy however wasn't,. ok thats harsh, what imeant was my feelings for him wern't he was infact lovely.
the kind of guy i SHOULD like, the guy who would treat you like a princess, and from the outside has it all, a nice attitude, loads of money, a great interesting job, an interesting person but there was no spark....the search continues.

ok so im busy and behind and finding this hard to keep up with but ill try to update when i can.
sorry this one is very disjointed but i wanted to type before i forgot!

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Priya Sonn said...

oi cow.. u didnt tell me u had a date... you better call me soon and tell me all.........