Monday, 9 March 2009


confidence is a wierd thing, i worked as a model and looking back those are the years of my life i had the least, when you are in the normal world it's much easier but everyone thinks as a model you are being paid for your looks so you are confident to the point of arrogance, the truth is very different, 
you are being cast off and told no on a daily basis at castings based soley on your looks, you are surrounded by the beautifully and skinny elite, you are all undressing at catwalks infront of each other and thinking everyone else has what you have and why the hell are you there, you view photos of yourself and can see EVERY flaw at big scale, it just really was the time in my life when i had 0 confidence and now im not doing it anymore im so much happier, still no regrets for that time taught me a lot, and made me the person i am, but i definitely would worry if i had family who wished to pursue it truly professionally. i think it's a soul destroying industry in general and i dont know many professsional models who are truly really happy and for the ones who do really well are a lot of struggling ones but there are some good examples out there im sure.

ok enough of my whingeing i always whine on my blogs i can't help it, i am a happy person, maybe thats why i feel the need to let off steam on a blog hardly anyone reads! 

this is like my random thoughts page

Thursday, 5 March 2009

has the media world gone mad?

i keep seeing this front picture of 'LOVE' everywhere, the front cover of the new glossy promoting an obese female singer on the front, 
now I'm not having a go at beth dito, she's whatever size she wants to be some people like it some on't and thats cool, but if they are somehow trying to promote anti size zero with this what are they thinking?
replacing one extremely unhealthy weight problem with another?
I"m a phtotographer, thin looks good on camer for fashion because it's about the clothes and about them hanging right, thats just how fashion has always been, it was never suggested that anyone could be a fashion model, it's a model's responsibility to safely look after her figure by eating sensibly and exercising, the old supermodels had fantastic genetics and restraint and kept perfect bodies that didn't look emaciated or unhealthy, i.e gisele and naomi, i too am totally against this skeletal look and i don't really have models in my book with this look, i like to think i shoot healthy girls, 
so im all for promoting the anti skeletal look, but replacing it with saying obesity is ok? are we mad, it's probably even more harmful than being too thin, why is it so frowned on to kill yourself being too thin, but cool and not to be talked about if you are killing yourself being overweight, 
im not having a go at these people at all just the people glamourising it in the same way size 0 was glamourised only a year ago, 
please just healthy slim people surely should be in magazines, if you want a feature on beth dito thats cool and maybe im ranting for no reason and thats all it's meant to be but if it's some kind of size 0 retaliation then i really think it is just plain rediculous to replace it with something possibly more unhealthy.!!
rant over.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

long time

it's been a long while since I updated this, whats new, 
well i've been really busy, and now i have a ton of editing to catch up on, it's been christmas, my birthday and busy times with work so i now have a massive backlog of unopened and unanswered emails, photos to edit and accounts and receipts to sort, 
when you are self employed it's hard you are your own everything, unless you are succesful enough to have 'staff' that is, 
but i shouldn't complain at least im getting lots of work and some great contact opportunities comming up to.

submissions, im also planning a few personal ideas around food this month with something i've always had a little ambition to do more on that later, and i have a nutritionalist working on something with me, 
ive not eaten wheat or dairy for 6 years and in a less black and white way the recipe book will be somewhat inspired by the lifestyle i have led.

I also got my wedding site up and long last
be great to hear some opinions although i have a ton more recent shots that need to be put up so don't be too harsh.

apart from that been doing some travelling too, just got back from a hair shoot in zurich and off to photograph a wedding in zackinthos in june so thats all good fun, i have always wanted to travel but really put all my money into my business so it's nice that I am finally getting to travel a little and experience different places, culture and gain inspirations.