Monday, 9 March 2009


confidence is a wierd thing, i worked as a model and looking back those are the years of my life i had the least, when you are in the normal world it's much easier but everyone thinks as a model you are being paid for your looks so you are confident to the point of arrogance, the truth is very different, 
you are being cast off and told no on a daily basis at castings based soley on your looks, you are surrounded by the beautifully and skinny elite, you are all undressing at catwalks infront of each other and thinking everyone else has what you have and why the hell are you there, you view photos of yourself and can see EVERY flaw at big scale, it just really was the time in my life when i had 0 confidence and now im not doing it anymore im so much happier, still no regrets for that time taught me a lot, and made me the person i am, but i definitely would worry if i had family who wished to pursue it truly professionally. i think it's a soul destroying industry in general and i dont know many professsional models who are truly really happy and for the ones who do really well are a lot of struggling ones but there are some good examples out there im sure.

ok enough of my whingeing i always whine on my blogs i can't help it, i am a happy person, maybe thats why i feel the need to let off steam on a blog hardly anyone reads! 

this is like my random thoughts page

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Jon-Paul Mountford said...

Oh I wouldn't say hardly anyone reads it...:-)