Wednesday, 4 March 2009

long time

it's been a long while since I updated this, whats new, 
well i've been really busy, and now i have a ton of editing to catch up on, it's been christmas, my birthday and busy times with work so i now have a massive backlog of unopened and unanswered emails, photos to edit and accounts and receipts to sort, 
when you are self employed it's hard you are your own everything, unless you are succesful enough to have 'staff' that is, 
but i shouldn't complain at least im getting lots of work and some great contact opportunities comming up to.

submissions, im also planning a few personal ideas around food this month with something i've always had a little ambition to do more on that later, and i have a nutritionalist working on something with me, 
ive not eaten wheat or dairy for 6 years and in a less black and white way the recipe book will be somewhat inspired by the lifestyle i have led.

I also got my wedding site up and long last
be great to hear some opinions although i have a ton more recent shots that need to be put up so don't be too harsh.

apart from that been doing some travelling too, just got back from a hair shoot in zurich and off to photograph a wedding in zackinthos in june so thats all good fun, i have always wanted to travel but really put all my money into my business so it's nice that I am finally getting to travel a little and experience different places, culture and gain inspirations.

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