Friday, 21 August 2009

The travelling Bug

I moved to london just over 3 years ago and put my whole life on hold to start off my career as a photographer
are the current fruits of my labour

To get to where I am now, still a long way from where i want to be i sacrificed clothes, makeup, relationships, going out, life
i think i lost 3 years of my early 20's soley to work and stress of moving to london but it was worth it, everyone starting up there own business without a ton of money behind them has this, I couldn't do it again but I'm glad i've done it and each year gets easier, 
this is the first summer i havn't sat behind my computer screen the WHOLE time and i've been off enjoying myself as well as working hard, going on dates, hanging with friends and holidaying, well not yet but i have so many friends all over the world this is the year i'm running off to visit them all, 
I have a friend in Paris and Amsterdam and a friend of a friend in New York which are all coming up over the next few months, not only is it fab because I only have to pay for flights but you get to see the bits that normal people don't see, taken to the places for residents not tourists, especially new york as my friends friend has so many connections out there so me and my friend will get to see some amazing parties etc.
I'm also off skiing this year in january and i'm so excited havn't skied since uni and it's my favourtie thing

but I guess by the travelling bug I also kind of meant I'm getting itchy feet about living space now, I think London has started to feel comfortable, and i don't handle 'comfortable' very well, 
I have this desire to try out a different country for a bit , but I don't know if i could leave my family...i'm an only  child and the friends i've now made in london but i don't see me being here forever, certainly not in the sooty city.


I recently photographed my friends wedding in Greece, it was beautiful, 
they were child hood sweethearts,
I'm not the kind of person to publicly cry but lately I even cried at Marley and Me (so I must be getting softer) but that bought a tear to my eye.
It was the most beautiful wedding i've ever been to
25 close family and friends in a remote chalet on a greek island, with only us guys practically in the whole chalet. The ceremony itself was just a tiny walk from the door of her chalet ...about a yard and was where we had been hanging out the night before drinking ouzo melon, the whole 5 days we were out there was spent sauntering only as far as the beach about 3 yards away and back to the loungers.

Normally i'm not a doing nothing kind of girl, i always like to be doing stuff, be it skiing, walking round seeing things etc but sometimes it's great for 5 days just to do NOTHING
it felt amazing. The day of the ceremony was pretty scary though, I normally take an assistant on weddings but obviously being in greece i couldn't. And my friend is one of the nicest people i've ever met, the kind of girl that if every photo came out black would have just said 'oh crap, nevermind we'll take some portraits' I love those kind of people, the kind of people who realise however frustrating the things that have been done in the past, are in the past and how ever much you whinge on about it nothing will change you just wasted 2 days of your life whinging about something you can't change, 
I learn from these people, 
but anyway I was a bit stressed weddings are stressful and your friends wedding....even more som but there were some beautiful pics, I can't log into photobucket for some reason else i'd share a few outtakes, i can't put any of her up as despite being a model she's a very private person and would hate to see pics of her in her wedding outfit online although just a couple will feature on soon!

I will come back when i find a way to put up pics and put some up here.
It made me want to get married, so come on potential husbands, where are you??!!!???
It also made me think about the role of marriage today, I think now more than ever it's so important, more as a financial security for women than anything. I think it shows you are at a level in your relationship were you are willing to share everything you have together which, is important. So many relationships fail these days, and i see so many women give everything up when they find a man they love only to end up single for one reason or another a few years down the line rgretting it, 
now I'm not one of those kind of girls...maybe why im not married yet!! career will never be put on hold until I decide to start a family, i mean I'll always work, i'll always strive to be better but there will come a time when you have to put your work on hold a little if you have a family and I honestly think if your going to do this you need the security of marriage, not because i'm a gold digger i just think thats a decision made together and a financial decision that should be shared...just my two peneth!!