Friday, 21 August 2009

The travelling Bug

I moved to london just over 3 years ago and put my whole life on hold to start off my career as a photographer
are the current fruits of my labour

To get to where I am now, still a long way from where i want to be i sacrificed clothes, makeup, relationships, going out, life
i think i lost 3 years of my early 20's soley to work and stress of moving to london but it was worth it, everyone starting up there own business without a ton of money behind them has this, I couldn't do it again but I'm glad i've done it and each year gets easier, 
this is the first summer i havn't sat behind my computer screen the WHOLE time and i've been off enjoying myself as well as working hard, going on dates, hanging with friends and holidaying, well not yet but i have so many friends all over the world this is the year i'm running off to visit them all, 
I have a friend in Paris and Amsterdam and a friend of a friend in New York which are all coming up over the next few months, not only is it fab because I only have to pay for flights but you get to see the bits that normal people don't see, taken to the places for residents not tourists, especially new york as my friends friend has so many connections out there so me and my friend will get to see some amazing parties etc.
I'm also off skiing this year in january and i'm so excited havn't skied since uni and it's my favourtie thing

but I guess by the travelling bug I also kind of meant I'm getting itchy feet about living space now, I think London has started to feel comfortable, and i don't handle 'comfortable' very well, 
I have this desire to try out a different country for a bit , but I don't know if i could leave my family...i'm an only  child and the friends i've now made in london but i don't see me being here forever, certainly not in the sooty city.


Cecilie Harris said...

Loved this blog post. I somehow recognise the part of being stuck behind your pc editing, networking, promoting etc. Glad to hear you've had a more relaxing summer and enjoying your time :)

sarah Louise said...

lol i think all photographers do!, we should do that joint shoot sometime, maybe feb when it goes all quiet!!!