Friday, 6 November 2009

Team Work.

well i've been so busy this past couple of months and with a couple of really big jobs which is fantastic but i have been rather inactive.
I'm starting to truly understand the value of different types of people in life, I've tried to strike up so many partnerships, search out people to help me promote my work and when i least expected it I became friends with a singer I photographed. We are now very good friends and she has the most amazing skills I don't, I think the kind of skill most photographers don't have.
I have never known anyone who can blag, elaborate, speak to people and sell an idea so well, I;m not saying she;s a bullshitter because she's not but she's just great at selling a good product and organising things and getting things done, 

I can't even tell you how much better the two things I'm running with her are going and how much quicker than anything i've started by myself or with others,

I don't think you can find these people easily as they have to be on your wavelength and share similar ideas for where the business is going and you have to be able to manage handling each others points that frustrate you but are part of that person and make them good at what they are doing, 

I always undervalue my work, and am hiddeously unorganised, I'm sure that secretly that drives her insane but without that i wouldn't be so creative and have so many ideas and whilst her organisation probably does the same I NEED that to keep me in line.

So many creative people are either bad but great sales people or great creatives and bad sales people and to share the load just makes all the difference, it's not like i didn't know this before but now I truly value it!

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R. Mac Wheeler said...

Hello Sarah Louise

I found a photograph of yours on which I would like to use as an e-book cover.

Could you please contact me and let me know if 'Atlantis' would be available under a non-exclusive license, and if so, what conditions.

Thank you very much for your time

rmacwheeeler at gmail dot com